logo_lyce_les_vergers  Location: Dol-de-Bretagne, Brittany, France

  Teachers: Ms Mauricette Carrée

  Student Group: Première Year 5th Yr/11th Grade; ages 15-18 years

  School website:  www.lyceelesvergers.fr



Ms Mauricette Carrée
Teacher at Les Vergers Secondary School

Les Vergers Secondary school (Lycée Les Vergers) was set up in 1949 and now has 650 students. Our school is an agricultural school which also promotes a Catholic Christian ethos. The main aim of the school is to serve an essential aspect of our region which is to train our young people to be dynamic and skilled leaders in agriculture. There are a diverse range of subjects to serve different related trades and professions such as commerce and business management, mechanics, social services and the environment. The key words for us are Confidence and Requirement:
Confidence, because we believe that every person is unique and can develop her or his capacities and which often go unseen or unheard;
Requirement, because it allows everyone to build their capacity – by developing rigour, analysis, curiosity etc.

Our school has computer rooms, a library, a home economic kitchen, an agricultural equipment workplace, a sports hall and a shop. Exam results show that 90% of our students achieve their objectives.

1) What does  the term “Global Citizenship” mean to you?

The teacher, Ms Mauricette Carrée

For me, it means respect for differences and recognising the lands and territories of everyone with all their richness. It means that I discover who others are and I don’t take over their living space.

2) Why do you think it’s important for young people to engage in an exchange programme like this?

The students:

It’s important because we can learn more about each other, to know about each other and our cultures. And to share different cultures. We need to work on stereotypes. What do you think of us and what do we think of you?!

The teacher, Ms Mauricette Carrée

I think it’s important because it encourages us to see what is happening in the world, how young people live, what they are concerned about and if our concerns and their concerns are the same… what they think of environmental issues, how they see the future and the way society will develop.

3) What would you say directly to the young people in our schools network?

The students:

Let’s find out more about each other. It’s important not to forget your origins.

The teacher, Ms Mauricette Carrée

I am very happy to have this opportunity – to create new connections outside France and to feel that we can participate in these global citizenship actions.