The key local-global themes that we engage with:

  • how we define citizenship – what it means and how it relates to us in our everyday lives
  • how we develop as people, as countries, how we interact and depend on each other
  • how our lifestyles impact on the world
  • how local issues are global issues, and global issues are local issues
  • interdependence, globalisation
  • inequalities, injustice, conflict
  • poverty, hunger, health, wealth and power, aid, trade and debt
  • climate change, environment
  • gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, disability
  • global citizenship, values, beliefs, social justice, human rights, children’s rights, NGOs, Millenium Development Goals
  • dialogue, partnership, empowerment, sustainability, solidarity, transformation, actions for change


Our resources are structured  in order to facilitate school and youth groups to research and campaign on key local-global issues.

We also welcome interest from other educators or learners. Feel free to contact us and engage!